About Paula

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On her sixteenth birthday, not long after her family was transferred by the U.S. State Department from an assignment in Mexico City to another in Lima, Peru, Paula started writing in a green vinyl-bound book covered with decorative stickers.

With a few gaps here and there, she has kept a journal ever since—while

  • living at a boarding school in the U.S., far away from her family,
  • earning college and graduate degrees,
  • working as a professor and dean at Grinnell College,
  • traveling to (and living in) other countries,
  • getting married,
  • and raising two children who now live in New York and San Francisco,

At Grinnell College she teaches courses in literature, the craft of fiction, and journal-keeping.  Students in her writing classes are asked to fill an observing notebook with anecdotes, descriptions, and ideas.

She also offers journal workshops, ranging from a small group of friends and neighbors at a local Women’s Center to an auditorium of college students preparing to study abroad.

Her published work includes poems, stories, and a novel (not available in English), book reviews, a book about risk for college leaders, and academic essays and articles.

Some of Paula’s poems have been set to music for public performance, read as part of a wedding or naming ceremony, or accompanied exhibitions of visual art.

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